The Regular Branch Meeting of NALC Branch 2589, Lubbock, Texas, was called to order by President Mitch Terral at 7:01 P.M.  The invocation was given by H. Steffens. The membership then said the Pledge of Allegiance.  The roll call of officers was taken.  All officers were present. M. Terral read the attendance list for the June Executive Board and Steward meetings.  No additional names were added to either list. M. Kuss moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting as published in the June, 2018, Newsletter.  The motion seconded by J. Smith.  Motion carried.

COMMUNICATIONS:  There were no communications.

APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP:  There were no applications for membership.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: There were no committee reports. 

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  (1) Route Count – All have been extended until August. All Stewards have union time next week Tuesday through Friday.  We will start at 7:00 A.M. each morning at the Union Hall to work on the Route Counts. (2) National Convention – Registration at the convention will be done individually.  You will be required to show ID.  Make sure you take your ID with you to register.  We will hand out Delegate Cards at the Executive Board and Steward Meetings in July. If you are not an officer or a steward, you may get your card tonight.  You must have your delegate card to register. If you do not have your ID and Delegate Card and cannot register as a Delegate, you will return your expense money to the Branch.     

NEW BUSINESS: (1) July Union Meeting on July 26th – The July Union Meeting will be July 26, 2018, because several members and officers will be gone to the National Convention the third week of July.  (2)  CCA Round Table – There will not be a CCA Round Table Meeting in July. The Executive Board discussed having the CCA Round Table Meeting count as a Work Night for those who attend.  It will follow the same rules for making up missed meetings as attending a Work Night.  V. DiPaolo moved that attendance at a CCA Round Table Meeting count the same as a Work Night, using the same rules that apply in regard to making up missed meetings. Motion seconded by B. Longoria.  Motion carried.  (3)  Pay Checks – Pay checks for Officers and Stewards will be handed out tonight after the meeting. (4) COP Meeting – The COP Meeting will be September 23, 2018, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Executive Board recommended sending both Mitch Terral and Michael Links to this meeting.  B. Longoria moved to send M. Terral and M. Links to the COP Meeting in September and pay their expenses and per diem. Motion seconded by V. DiPaolo.  Motion carried.  (5) Sound System – H. Steffens suggested making panels covered with carpeting to hang on the walls to cut down the echo in the Union Hall. We have a hard time keeping the existing panels on the wall and talked about replacing them with carpet.  (6) Coke Machine – Matt has called several times about the coke machine. The man has not returned his calls.

FOR THE GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION: (1) LCPF – Fernando talked about the Letter Carrier Political Fund.  It is important to contribute.    (2) Financial Secretary’s Report – The Financial Secretary’s Report is published in the Newsletter. T. Chrestman moved to pay the bills as presented in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded by J. Ladd.  Motion carried.  (3)  Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s Report is published in the Newsletter.   (4) $15.00 Attendance Drawing – Jeremiah Flores won for June.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Polk,
Recording Secretary