The Regular Branch Meeting of NALC Branch 2589, Lubbock, Texas, was called to order by Vice-President Michael Links at 7:11 P.M.  The invocation was given by J. Smith. The membership then said the Pledge of Allegiance.  The roll call of officers was taken.  All officers were present, except M. Terral. H. Steffens and J. Baca were added to the attendance list for tonight for medical reasons. M. Links read the attendance list for the April Executive Board and Steward meetings.  No additional names were added to either list. A. Williams moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting as published in the April, 2018, Newsletter.  The motion seconded by T. Smith.  Motion carried.
COMMUNICATIONS:  There are no communications.
APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP:  Applications have not been entered into the minutes in a while.  We have two members who have transferred to Lubbock: Shawntel Starnes in 2017 and Derek Reyes in February.  New members since February are:  Charles Michael-Clayton Glover, Muleshoe; Adrian Flores, Levelland; Vincent-Michael Ortiz, Freedom; Todd Alan Miller, Monterey; Andrea Gloria Lara, Sunset; Matthew Louis Hernandez, Monterey; and, Nigel Paul Baldwin, Freedom. Welcome to NALC Branch 2589.    
COMMITTEE REPORTS:  (1) LCPF – If you do not see your name on the list in the Newsletter and you are donating, please contact Fernando. We appreciate your help in getting the percentage of those donating up.  Donating is up to you.  This is your job insurance!  It isn’t very much and we have just received a raise.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: (1) Convention – Fernando handed out room confirmation information at the Officers and Stewards Meetings last week.  If you do not have yours, see him immediately after the meeting.  We had until today to make changes in the rooms. Our hotel is about 30 minutes from the Convention Center.  There is transportation from the airport.  The Convention will run busses to all approved hotels.  SW and United flights will arrive within about 30 minutes of each other. Fernando will purchase tickets before the May meeting. (2)  Microphone – We can’t find anything that will work with what we have.  It is too old. Craig has priced portable units.  They are between $50 and $150.00.  We can probably get a decent one for about $100.00.  D. Lujan moved to purchase a portable sound system and spend up to $200.00.  Motion seconded by V. DiPaolo. Motion carried.  (3) Bag Issue – The bag issue has been settled.  You may carry your bag across your body, if you want to.  (4) Food Drive – We need someone to take over the Food Drive for next year. This will be Michael’s last year to head that up.  All of the cards have been delivered to the stations except to Sunset. They are in there.  The bags are not here, yet. We have been invited to participate in a Luncheon to benefit the Food Bank. Union and Management can share a table, or have separate tables. We will be asked to donate money. The Luncheon is November 1, 2018, so we have time to decide.  If we have our own table, each person will be asked to bring someone to tour the Food Bank before the Luncheon. (5) Route Counts – The drawing for the random weeks for the analysis is done; the weeks have been chosen.  Look through that very carefully and make sure all of your times are in there. 
NEW BUSINESS:  (1) Auxiliary Dues – We now have five members in Auxiliary 1064.  The State Dues are $2.00 per member and the National Dues are $20.00 per member per year.  That is a total of $110.00 for 2018.  M. Kuss moved to pay State and National dues for Auxiliary 1064.  Motion seconded by T. Chrestman.  Motion carried. (2) Retiree Transfer – Sister Violet Hobbs as moved to Arizona and has requested to transfer her membership to Branch 6156, Sun City, AZ.  Sister Hobbs is a member in good standing and her dues are current.  A. Diaz moved to accept Sister Hobbs’ request to transfer to Arizona.  Motion seconded by V. DiPaolo. Motion carried.  Branch 6156 and National will be notified of our decision. (3) Ball Point Pins – We received an ad to purchase ball point pins for $.59 each.  They are nice pins with a built in stylus on one end.  The pins will have NALC Branch 2589, Lubbock, Texas and our phone number on them.  V. DiPaolo moved to purchase 150 blue pins with blue ink. D. Valdez seconded the motion. Motion passed.  Craig will order the pins. (4) Coke Machine – The Coke machine has not worked in years and we have not been able to get anyone out here to fix it.  We need to get rid of it. Do we want to replace it?   M. Kuss knows someone who might be able to fix it.  We will wait until Matt can contact him.  (5) Computers – The last time Fernando took the computers to CompuSoft for maintenance, he was told one of the computers was not worth fixing. CompuSoft has two computers for sale @ $350.00 each.  They will come with Windows10. D. Valdez moved to purchase both computers at $350.00 each.  Motion seconded by E. Casias. Motion passed.  (6) District Three Meeting – The District Three Meeting was in Amarillo, Texas, Sunday, April 8, 2018.  Craig was the only person from our Branch that attended.  The District Three Meeting will be in Lubbock in 2019.  Under the Legislative Items at the Meeting was E-Activist sign up.  It is easy to do on the NALC App.  Get it on your phone.  It is really good.  Instructions for downloading the app are on National Web site Go to Member Benefits on the far right top of the page and click on NALC Member App in the dropdown list.  There is a phone number to call, if you just want to receive e-Activist in your email.  There are a lot of things coming up.  They are pushing NDCBU’s and doing away with door to door delivery.  They are pushing 6 Day Delivery again. They also want to make cuts to retirement and up the amount you have to pay in.  Everyone else seems to be having a hard time getting CCAs involved.  Craig told them about our CCA Round Table. (7) Travel - Craig would like to be reimbursed for his travel expense to the District Three Meeting.  J. Smith so moved.  Motion seconded by M. Kuss. Motion carried. (8) New LCCL - State is looking for a new LCCL (Letter Carrier Congressional Liaison).  You would contact local people at the Federal level. If you are interested, let Craig know.  
FOR THE GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION: (1) CCA Round Table – There will be a Round Table meeting next Thursday, April 26. (2) Work Night – There will also be a work night next week. (3) Financial Secretary’s Report – The Financial Secretary’s Report is published in the Newsletter.  V. DiPaolo moved to pay the bills as presented in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded by T. Hopp.  Motion carried.  (4)  Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s Report is published in the Newsletter.   (5) $15.00 Attendance Drawing – Kevin Perry won for April.  
Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Penny Polk,
Recording Secretary