The Regular Branch Meeting of NALC Branch 2589, Lubbock, Texas, was called to order by Vice President, Michael Links at 7:04 P.M.  The invocation was given by H. Steffens.  The membership then said the Pledge of Allegiance.  The roll call of officers was taken.  All officers were present except, M. Terral, F. Small, T. Robles and T. Chrestman. The following members were added to the attendance list for tonight: M. Terral, emergency; F. Small, death in the family; T and J. Smith, illness. M. Links read the attendance lists for the February Executive Board and Steward meetings of August 13, 2018.  No additional names were added to either list. V. DiPaolo moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting as published in the September, 2018, Newsletter.  Motion seconded by A. Williams. Motion carried.

COMMUNICATIONS:  (1) Social Media Announcement – You can follow NALC HQ’s social media accounts to get the latest letter carrier news and updates straight from the source on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the NALC Member App. Our local Branch also has a Facebook page: NALC Branch 2589; and a website:  Stay informed.  (2) Acknowledgement – We received an acknowledgement from the American Cancer Society, Austin, Texas, thanking the Branch for our donation in memory of Brother Billy Grimes. 

APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP:  We received an application for membership from Laura G. Diaz, Plainview.  Welcome to Branch 2589!  

COMMITTEE REPORTS: There are no committee reports.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  (1) Building Maintenance – Bengoa Masonry is finished the mortar work. We need to get bids to block fill and paint the building.  If you know anyone who does this, please ask them to give us a bid as soon as possible.  (2) CCA Impasse – We won the Impasse.  Next year the bidding will include the CCA’s.  (3) October School – If you are going, you will need to get your expense check tonight after the meeting. Information from the NBA’s office states that training will start at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. (4) South Plains Food Bank Luncheon – The Branch will host a table at the Luncheon on November 1, 2018. They want each host table to make a donation to the Food Bank.  We talked about how much to donate.  M. Kuss moved to donate $300.00.  Motion seconded by B. Longoria. V. DiPaolo moved to amend the motion to donate $250.00 to the South Plains Food Bank and $250.00 to Toys for Tots in December.  Amendment was accepted by M. Kuss and B. Longoria.  Motion carried as amended. The Food Bank also wants the eight people, who will be at our table on November 1st, to attend a tour of the Food Bank prior to November 1. There are only two dates available, October 2nd and October 18th.

NEW BUSINESS:  (1) Color Coded Calendars – Craig will hand out the order forms to the Stewards tonight.  Calendars are only $4.00 this year.  Stewards will collect the money and turn in the orders and money in October. (2) Election of NALC National Officers – You will receive a ballot in the mail.  Please read instructions carefully and vote. (3) Portable Speaker with Bluetooth – V. DiPaolo moved to reimburse C. Cooley $162.00 for the speaker he purchased for the Branch.  Motion seconded by J. Baca. Motion carried. (4) New Steward – The new Steward at Louisville Station is Isidro Ramirez.

FOR THE GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION:  (1) Financial Secretary’s Report – The Financial Secretary’s Report is published in the Newsletter.   J. Baca moved to pay the bills as presented in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded by M. Kuss.  The motion carried.  (2) Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer’s Report is published in the Newsletter. (3) $15.00 Attendance Drawing – A. Williams won for September.  

Meeting was adjourned at 7:32 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Polk,

Recording Secretary