The purpose of this Branch is to unite all Letter Carriers of this area into a harmonious body, and to work together in such a manner as a group that the laws and regulations will be applied with equal fairness to all alike. This Organization will work for their mutual benefit and assist the National Association of Letter Carriers in its effort to improve the condition of its entire membership. Mutual respect and good will toward all is encouraged.

The National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 2589 is 300+ members strong.  We are located at 1101 31st Street, Lubbock, Texas. We own our building. We hold our monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Our phone number is 806-744-2589 and our fax 806-744-8011. This site was created to make the exchange of information easier for the officers and members of Branch 2589. Those who wish to rent the building, for any purpose, may use this site to see the rental agreement and the payment methods. In the calendar section, we will have a schedule of meetings and special events here at the Union Hall and across the USA.