National Association of Letter Carriers
Branch 2589, Lubbock - 1101 31st Street
Lubbock, Texas 79411 / Ph. 806-744-2589 / Fax 806-744-8011
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1.       Deposit is $200.00 payable by cash only.  The rental date will be reserved when a deposit of cash is received.

2.      Rental Fee is $550.00 which must be paid in cash before the keys are given to the renter (no

         checks and please bring exact change). 

3.      Provide proof and a copy of your home owner's insurance prior to renting the building.

4.      Keys to the building may be picked up at or around 5:00 pm on the day before the event. 

         Building manager and renter will contact each other to arrange the exact time.  The day prior to rental is for decorating only.

5.      Building rental is for a 24-hour period from 12:00 noon on rental date until 12:00 noon on the day

         after rental.

6.      No alcoholic beverages.

7.      No smoking.

8.      No hanging decorations from the ceiling.

9.      Set thermostats to 68* in winter and 78* in summer.

10.    Turn down thermostats when the building is not in use.

11.     ear and clean counter and table tops.

12.     Remove tape and table coverings and return all tables and chairs to the location before rental.

13.     Sweep and mop floors - equipment provided.

14.    Empty all trash into outside dumpsters, do not overfill or put trash on the ground. 

15.    Close dumpster’s lid.

16.    Turn off all lights. Close and lock all doors and outside gate.

17.     Put keys in door slot in front of building by 12:00 noon on the day after rental.

18.    Violating the rules will result in forfeiture of all or part of the deposit.

19.    Do not prop the door open for long periods of time due to air condition, heating & noise.

20.    In case of emergency please contact the building manager.



         Roy    806-831-5214                                                                       M. Terral

         Building Manager                                                                            President





This document is a Rental Agreement between the Executive Board of Branch 2589, National


Association of Letter Carriers Lubbock, Texas and _______________________________ for the


rental of Branch 2589 Union Hall, located at 1101 31st Street for__________________________. 


The Branch 2589 Union Hall shall be used on _____/_____/20___ from 12:00 p.m. until 12:00 p.m. of the following day. 


The rental fee shall be $550.00 per day payable in cash, plus a deposit of $200.00 also payable only in cash and will be deposited into our bank account.  Cancellation of rental agreement 30 days or less will result in forfeiture of the $200.00 deposit.  The deposit will be returned to the renter within five working days after the building has been used and if all Branch rules and regulations are followed. Deposit refund check will be mailed to address given on this contract.  If the branch is required to move tables or chairs to the original position or perform other duties, $25.00 per hour fee will be deducted from deposit.  Any damage to the Union Hall must be reported at once.  Damages to the building will be assessed by the membership of Branch 2589 and an estimated cost of repairs will be determined as soon as possible.


I acknowledge I have received a copy of the Branch Building Rules and Regulations and understand the provisions contained therein________.




_____________________________________                      _____________________________________

Renter Name (Print)                                                                        Renter (Signature)


_____________________________________                      _____________________________________

Mailing Address                                                                   Renter Phone Number


_____________________________________                      _____________________________________

City / State / Zip                                                                    Rental Officer (Signature)




            DEPOSIT $____________                                               DATE DEPOSIT PAID __________________


            RENTAL   $____________                                   RECEIPT NUMBER ____________________


            Total Paid $____________                                  DATE RENTAL PAID___________________


            CASH____     or      CHECK#_______                RECEIPT NUMBER ____________________



APPROVED FOR RETURN ______________            DATE DEPOSIT RETURNED_____________


INITIAL OF BUILDING MANAGER_________             CHECK NUMBER ______________________