July 20, 2017

I have been informed that Lubbock will become an Amazon hub site. This means we will be delivering Amazon packages on Sundays starting in about a month. Also, we will have same-day delivery, which means when Amazon packages arrive at the post office early in the morning they will all be delivered that day. This should be an interesting situation. I believe these packages on Sunday will be delivered by CCA's, So more work and more hours for CCA's. Please remember the CCA's are our future.

Get to know the CCA's in your office including any new ones in the future and make them feel welcome please. Help them out with ideas and suggestions on how to make their job easier.  Griping at them because they did something wrong on your route is not the solution, be nice and suggest ways to improve. We all needed help when we started out. Also remember to always be safe.

We must spend more time trying to be safe and less time trying to be back by a certain time. So please keep your door closed, your seatbelt and shoulder strap on, Come to a complete stop, and check your surroundings every time before you hit the gas pedal. It only takes a second to hurt yourself or someone else. Don't back up unless you absolutely have to.

If you have a blocked box on mounted delivery, legally park your LLV and walk to the mailbox as required. Never ever get out of your vehicle while it is running. Lately I have been told by several carriers that they are getting done early, yet they just continue to cut corners and hurry.  This job is not designed to cut corners. Learn the rules and follow them and you may not be as fast but you will be better. Be safe and I'll see you at the next union meeting. 

Branch President