A few quick announcements before I touch on membership benefits:

1)     Branch 2589 will be hosting the District meeting on Sunday, April 28th at the hall.  Hopefully I’ll have more information on that later.

2)     We have started discussions about having an annual Christmas Party, and we’ll be bringing some information to the floor regarding that at our next meeting.  Sadly, last year our Christmas party/ Officer installation banquet was canceled due to icy weather conditions, but even so, we managed to donate a rather large amount of toys to Toys for Tots.   Our executive board is hoping to continue to hold a Christmas party/Toy drive on an annual basis, and not just for officer installation.  We would welcome any ideas our members have, and we would love for some of our members to join Josh and Toni Smith on the Christmas party committee.  The tentative date we have discussed is for Saturday, December 7th.  Once again, we would like to continue with our annual Toys for Tots letter carrier Christmas toy donations.  This is a great program for kiddos in need, and one in which our letter carriers have shown great interest in continuing.   A special thanks to all those who have contributed over the last few years.


This month I also want to touch on the benefits of NALC union membership that some of our members may not be aware of.  Your benefits, as everyone is aware of begins with your salary, schedule, and other contractual protections guaranteed by our nationally negotiated contract with our employer… but it doesn’t end there.  For those that choose to join the ranks of NALC membership, you also have access to updates about your job and benefits through both the POSTAL RECORD (the national journal of the NALC) and the LUBBOCK LETTER CARRIER (the local branch newsletter for the South Plains).  NALC also has its own excellent and very affordable health insurance plans as well as access to MBA (Mutual Benefits Association) life insurance plans that can be had for minimal costs due to the nature of our not for profit insurance that is offered to member letter carriers.  Every member also has a $5,000 accidental death benefit provided by NALC.    Members also have access to discounts on hotels, legal services, credit, car rentals, entertainment, and even mortgage programs through Union Plus.  NALC also offers scholarships available to children of letter carriers, NALCREST retirement home for retired members, and even disaster relief funds for our brothers and sisters in need.  When speaking to our new co-workers, please speak to them about the advantages of NALC membership.  Also, please remember these benefits for yourself if you aren’t already taking advantage of some of the great benefits provided to you as members of our great union.  If you want further information on any program mentioned, just ask your steward or come see us at the next Branch Meeting.


Vince DiPaolo
Vice President
NALC Branch 2589